1980's Board Games

The following board games from the 1980's are featured, with a full list of their contents.

Dark Tower - MB, 1981

Dark Tower

Hotel - MB, 1986


Torpedo Run - MB, 1986

Treasure Hunt - Paul Lamond, 1989

Treasure Hunt

Further Board Games From The 1980's

The 80's board games below are not yet featured in detail on the site, but this basic listing will at least give you the manufacturer of each game and the approximate date it was first published.

221B Baker Street Video Game, Gibsons Games, 1989
Bigfoot, Waddingtons, 1989
Blockbusters, Waddingtons, 1986
Britannia, Gibsons Games, 1986
Cabbage Patch Kids, Parker, 1984
Caesar's Game, Waddingtons, 1984
Catchphrase, Paul Lamond, 1987
Centrepoint, Ennerdale Enterprises, 1986
Dare!, Parker, 1988
Dinosaurs, Waddingtons, 1988
Doctor Who Time and Space, Games Workshop, 1980
Dragonlance, TSR, 1988
Every Second Counts, Peter Pan Playthings, 1987
Frogger, MB, 1983
Garden Game, Sarah Ponsonby, 1984
Great Game of Britain, Bambola, 1981
Great Pyramid Game, Waddingtons, 1981
Hare and Tortoise, Waddingtons, 1981
Judge Dredd, Games Workshop, 1985
Know The Future With The Osiris Board, Invicta, 1980
Man The Lifeboat, San Serif, 1987
Marble Arch, Parker, 1985
Mister T Game, MB, 1984
Motorway, Campus Martius, 1980
Overturn, Mattel, 1987
Pac-Man, MB, 1980
Permission, Oscar Games, 1985
Poleconomy, Spears, 1987
Pop Quiz, Waddingtons, 1985
Pot Black, Waddingtons, 1980
Quest, Ravensburger, 1984
Question of Scruples, MB, 1986
Railway Rivals, Games Workshop, 1985
Rally, Waddingtons, 1986
Rubik's Race, Ideal, 1982
Scotland Yard, Ravensburger, 1983
Skull & Crossbones, Paul Lamond
Spitting Image, Parker, 1984
Spycatcher, Paul Lamond, 1987
Tough Luck, Peter Pan Playthings, 1987
Treasure of the Incas, Ravensburger, 1988
Turbo, MB, 1983
UBI, Horn Abbot International, 1987
Wealth of Nations, Parker Kenner, 1987
Westminster - The Election Game, HP Gibson, 1983
Whatchamacallit, Peter Pan Playthings, 1983