About Us

The primary purpose of this website is to be a reference source for board game collectors and anyone who is simply interested in researching information on old games from the 1960's, 70's and 80's. In time, I hope it will grow into a valuable archive for board games of this period.

The most important feature of each game page is a detailed list of the exact contents that should be found in a fully complete game. This will be really useful for anyone who has an old game and wants to check if all the parts are there, because sometimes there is no list of contents provided with the game itself. In cases like this, only a lot of internet research will determine how many of each component should be present.

Buy A Game

Some of the board games featured are also available for sale, but please note that unlike most websites that are selling old games, I am not operating this as a commercial business. This is just a hobby for me and I use this website as a way to sell any duplicate copies that I have, or games that I don't wish to add to my personal collection.

I like to focus my collecting efforts on trying to source mint condition or near mint condition games, which is pretty hard, as the vast majority of old games are missing components and in a very playworn state. Finding a game that is 100% complete and still has the box in a near perfect condition, with no ripped corners, faded colours, scribbles, Sellotape damage etc is very rare and such examples command much higher prices than normal copies.

If you are interested in tracking down a mint condition copy of a game, please feel free to contact me via the 'Buy A Game' page and I will keep your details on file in case I get a copy in the future.