Dark Tower - MB, 1981

One push of a keyboard button transports you into a world of fire-spitting dragons, warrior heroes, exotic market places and undreamt of treasure! Dark Tower is an electronic fantasy adventure game first published by MB in 1981.

Dark Tower
Note: The box comes in 2 designs, which are very slightly different

Dark Tower is a very rare game to find, as it was the subject of an intellectual property lawsuit and was removed from sale shortly after release. It is also especially hard to find copies in full working order, as the tower electronics were prone to breaking down after extended use. A fully complete and working copy of Dark Tower therefore sells for very high prices.

Game Details

Game: Dark Tower
Company: MB
Players: 1-4
Year: 1981

Game Contents

A fully complete game will have the following contents.

1 plastic tower (game unit)
1 circular gameboard
1 plastic tower base
16 plastic buildings
4 plastic warrior pawns
1 plastic dragon pawn
12 plastic key pieces
5 plastic flags
42 plastic score pegs
4 cardboard score charts
4 plastic score chart trays
4 cardboard Pegasus tokens
1 label sheet
1 instruction booklet
1 spare light bulb and extractor

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Price: From £350 plus postage.

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