Torpedo Run - MB, 1986

Destroy the enemy ships to become the victor in this high seas adventure. Load your submarine and prepare for battle. Watch as your torpedos score a direct hit! It's a naval battle where you face the enemy one-to-one. You're the Admiral. Answer the call to battle stations and destroy the enemy fleet before the enemy destroys you. Torpedo Run was published by MB in 1986.

Torpedo run is a huge naval battle game (the box measures 88cm by 43cm and the game board measures 188cm by 87.5cm) that was designed to be played on the floor. It is described on the box as being part of MB's "Floor Wars Series", but as far as I'm aware they never actually produced another game in this "series". It may be that Torpedo Run didn't sell very well and MB decided that they wouldn't go ahead with plans to produce further Floor Wars branded games. Who knows? But they did produce a large scale fantasy battle game in the early nineties, called Battle Masters, which was also designed to be played on the floor, using a giant battle mat.

Game Details

Game: Torpedo Run
Company: MB
Players: 2
Year: 1986

Game Contents

A fully complete game will have the following contents.

1 large game board designed to lay on the floor
2 battleships (1 grey, 1 tan)
6 cruiser support ships (3 grey, 3 tan)
2 submarine shooters (1 grey, 1 tan)
36 red ammo chips (the "torpedos")
1 instruction booklet
1 label sheet
Supply of rubber bands

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