Hotel - MB, 1986

Develop a chain of international hotels and get other players to be your guests. The more they spend, the faster you grow. The Hotel board game was first published by MB games in 1986. A version was previously published by Denys Fisher in the 1970's.

Hotel Board Game

This is a visually impressive game when set up, the hotel buildings are huge and very realistic compared to the little plastic hotels you get with Monopoly. A popular game with collectors as a result. The object of the game is to become a rich hotel tycoon and to be the last player remaining, after making your opponents bankrupt. Hotel is very similar to Monopoly in its game play. You buy land, obtain planning permission and then put up buildings with entrances and facilities. You earn money when other players land on hotels that you have developed.

Game Details

Game: Hotel
Company: MB
Players: 2-4
Year: 1986

Game Contents

A fully complete game will have the following contents.

1 game board
30 buildings
30 bases
33 roofs for the 30 buildings (3 domed buildings have roofs in 2 sections.)
30 hotel entrances
2 lamp posts
8 leisure facilities
8 title deeds
4 cars
Play money in the following denominations ...
2 dice (1 standard die and 1 planning permission die)
The rules are on the inside of the box lid

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