1970's Board Games

The following board games from the 1970's are featured, with a full list of their contents.

Airways - Parker, 1972

Chartbuster - ASL Pastimes, 1970


Dad's Army - Denys Fisher, 1974

Dad's Army

Escape From Colditz - Parker, 1973

Escape From Colditz

Fastest Gun - Denys Fisher, 1973

The Fastest Gun

Game of Dracula - Waddingtons, 1977

Haunted House (1st Edition) - Denys Fisher, 1971

Haunted House (1st Edition)

Haunted House (2nd Edition) - Denys Fisher, 1975

Haunted House (2nd Edition)

It's a Knockout - Denys Fisher, 1974

It's a Knockout

Moviemaker - Parker, 1970's


Treasure of the Pharaohs - Palitoy, 1974

Treasure of the Pharaohs

Further Board Games From The 1970's

The 70's board games below are not yet featured in detail on the site, but this basic listing will at least give you the manufacturer of each game and the approximate date it was first published.

2001, Peter Pan Playthings, 1978
221B Baker Street, Gibsons Games, 1975
Addiction, Waddingtons, 1978
Admirals, Parker, 1973
Air Charter, Waddingtons, 1970
Air Traffic Control, Airfix, 1975
Alice in Wonderland, Spears, 1973
All the Kings Men, Parker, 1979
Alley Cats, Ideal, 1976
Atcha!, Miss Mouse Marketing, 1979
Baffle Box, MB, 1977
Battle of Balaclava, Parker
Battle of Waterloo, Parker
Battleboard, Ideal, 1972
Battlestar Galactica, Parker, 1978
Beastlord, Yaquinto, 1979
Bermuda Triangle, MB, 1976
Big Bully, Denys Fisher, 1972
Bionic Woman, Denys Fisher, 1975
Bruce Jenner Decathlon Game, Parker, 1979
Buccaneer, Waddingtons, Published in several editions at different dates.
Business Game, Gibsons Games, 1976
Business, Avalon Hill, 1973
Campaign, Waddingtons, 1971
Careers, Waddingtons, Published in several editions at different dates.
Catchphrase, Berwick Masterpiece Series, 1976
Celebrity Squares, Buckingham Toys/Ideal, 1974
Challenge golf at Pebble Beach, Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, 1972
Championship Show Jumping, Capri, 1975
Chaos, Airfix, 1970
Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Parker, 1978
Collect, Stanley Gibbons Publications, 1972
Conquer Everest, Capri, 1976
Contigo, Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, 1974
Cooks Tours, Vic-Toy, 1972
Countdown, Mind Movers, 1974
Crash Tower, Action Games & Toys, 1976
Crossword, MB, 1978
Diplomacy, Avalon Hill/Games Research, 1976
Discover Australia, John Sands, 1974
Doctor Who Planet of Monsters, Denys Fisher, 1975
Doctor Who War of the Daleks, Denys Fisher, 1975
Doctor Doctor, Ideal, 1978
Dogfight, Vic-Toy, 1971
Don't Tip the Waiter, Ideal, 1979
Donkey and the Carrot, Spears, 1976
Dragster, MB, 1976
Dual, ASL Pastimes, 1971
Electronic Detective Game, Ideal, 1979
Fastest Gun, Denys Fisher, 1973
Fighter Command, Airfix, 1976
Fourthought, Berwick Masterpiece Series, 1974
Gambler, Parker, 1977
Game of Dracula, Waddingtons, 1977
Game of Nations, Waddingtons, 1972
Goldrush, Condor, 1973
Golfwinks, Waddingtons, 1973
Happy Days, Parker, 1976
Hardy Boys Mystery Game, Parker, 1978
Holly Hobbie Wishing Well Game, Parker, 1976
Honeycomb, Marx, 1970
Hoppit!, Waddingtons, 1976
James Hunt's Grand Prix Racing Game, Denys Fisher, 1976
Jim'll Fix It, Arrow Games, 1977
Junta, Capri, 1975
King Kong The World Trade Centre, Ideal, 1976
Kingmaker, Ariel, 1974
Kojak, Arrow Games, 1975
Lose Your Shirt, Waddingtons, 1976
Mad Magazine, Parker, 1979
Magnificent Race, Parker, 1975
Masterpiece, Parker, 1970
Mission Impossible, Berwick/Seven Towns, 1975
Mork and Mindy, Parker, 1979
Motorway, Campus Martius, 1978
Nationwide, Omnia, 1976
New Faces, Palitoy, 1975
Newsdesk, MB, 1976
North Sea Oil, Omnia, 1974
On The Buses, Denys Fisher
O.R.B.I.T, Lazy Days, 1975
Outwit, Parker, 1979
Philately, Dixon Games, 1973
Prattle, Spears, 1973
Queen Bee, Condor/Seven Towns, 1974
Rebound, Ideal, 1971
Six Million Dollar Man, Denys Fisher, 1976
Sorry, Waddingtons, Published in several editions at different dates.
Speculate, Waddingtons, 1972
Spy Ring, Waddingtons, Published in several editions at different dates.
Star Wars Escape From Death Star, Palitoy, 1977
Starsky and Hutch, Arrow Games
Striker League Champions, Palitoy Parker, Early 70's
Subbuteo Angling, Subbuteo Sports Games
Superstars, Palitoy Parker, 1977
Swindle, Waddingtons, 1976
Tabu, Jumbo, 1978
Tank Battle, MB, 1976
Tension, Peter Pan Playthings, 1971
That's Life!, Palitoy, 1978
Top of the Pops, Palitoy Parker
Treasure Island, Spears, 1976
Trespass, Lakeside Action GT, 1979
Ulcers, Waddingtons, 1973
Up Periscope, Denys Fisher, 1975
Wembley, Ariel
Wizzword, MB, 1977
Worldbeater, Intellect Games, 1975