Game of Dracula - Waddingtons, 1977

Sheltering for the night in this ruined castle, you are horrified to find that it is in fact Castle Dracula - the lair of the bloodthirsty Count Dracula and his pet vampires. The sun is about to set and Dracula is beginning his nightly prowls. Game of Dracula was first published by Waddingtons in 1977.

Game Details

Game: Game of Dracula
Company: Waddingtons
Players: 2-4
Year: 1977

Game Contents

A fully complete game will have the following contents.

1 Castle Dracula game board
1 Green Vampire mask
1 red Dracula piece
1 Green Vampire piece
1 Blue Vampire piece
4 players pieces (red, blue, green and yellow)
1 white special vampire die
1 red standard die

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