Spy Ring Board Game

The international spy game, set in the newly created city of Espiona. Sixteen embassies are grouped in the quarter of Bludt, built on the site of an earlier town that was honeycombed with underground tunnels. Spy Ring was first published by Waddingtons in 1965 at the height of the Cold War.

Players operate as spies and the die is used to move around the board, collecting secrets and making code words. The winner is the spy with the highest total score (secret cards plus code word bonuses) when the last secret token has been taken from the board, or when a player is able to make any two code words, thus ending the game.

Game Details

Game: Spy Ring
Company: Waddingtons
Players: 2-4
Year: 1965

Game Contents

A fully complete game will have the following contents.

1 game board
4 spies
4 contact men
4 wireless aerials
16 secret tokens (4 red, 4 blue, 4 green, 4 yellow)
40 secret cards
1 die
1 rules leaflet