Blast Off Board Game

Blast Off is described as "The modern game of space exploration and technology". It provides a game where players are constantly making decisions as they try to keep their spacecraft in a satisfactory orbit and travel around the solar system. Blast Off was first published by Waddingtons in 1969.

Blast Off

The fantastic artwork on the box lid is a real feature of this game, which was published at around the same time as the Apollo 11 moon landing. A huge number of games published in the late 1960's had a space related theme for the same reason, which is hardly surprising.

Game Details

Game: Blast Off
Company: Waddingtons
Players: 1-4
Year: 1969

Game Contents

A fully complete game will have the following contents.

1 game board
4 control panels
1 master control panel
4 capsules
4 satellites
1 moon
10 thruster rocket cards
1 die
1 set of rules