Bulb Energy Cashback Offer

As a customer of Bulb Energy, I'm happy to be a part of their "Refer a Friend" scheme, as their prices are far lower than the "Big Six" energy companies - and anyone I refer will receive a free £50 account credit from Bulb as a new customer, plus a free board game from me (please see below for details).

Switching to Bulb Energy

Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider switching to Bulb Energy ...

  • You could save up to £350 per year, compared to a "big six" energy company standard tariff.
  • You receive a £50 bonus for switching, if you use my link below.
  • There are no exit charges. You will be free to leave at any time.
  • If your current supplier has an exit charge, Bulb will pay it for you, up to £120.
  • Switching takes 2 minutes. Bulb does all the work for you.
  • Warm Home Discount is available if you qualify.
  • It's green energy. 100% of their electricity is renewable.
  • Great customer service and easy to understand bills.
  • Rated UK's #1 gas and electricity supplier on Trustpilot.

Free Board Game

In addition to this, I'm also happy to give a free board game of your choice to anyone who uses my referral page at Bulb Energy - all you would pay is the postage costs (this would be £3 or £6, depending on the size of the game).

Please note that the free board game offer is only applicable to games up to £30 in price. If you wish to have a game that is over £30, I'm happy to give you a £30 discount instead.

All you need to do is sign up with Bulb Energy, using the link below. After the switch has completed and the bonus is showing in your account, please contact me using the form on the "Buy a Game" page to let me know which game you would like.

Please make sure you give me the same name that you used for your Bulb account, so that I can check the referral has taken place.

Click here to receive your free £50 account credit with Bulb Energy