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Escape From Colditz - Parker, 1973

First published by Parker in 1973, Escape From Colditz is now highly sought after by collectors. It appeared in the UK at around the same time as the well known TV series of the same name. If you were around at the time, you are probably humming the theme tune right now!

Escape From Colditz
Escape From Colditz, Parker, 1973

The Parker edition of this game is generally the most collectable, as they have the controversial swastika logo on the box and "Red Cross parcels" to house the contents. They also have higher quality wooden pawns than later editions produced by other companies (see below).

Gibsons Games also produced a game called Escape From Colditz. The first edition had a swastika logo and wooden pawns, like the Parker edition, but lacked the Red Cross parcel. In later editions, the swastika logo was removed and the pawns/box inlay was plastic. Gibsons produced several editions well into the 1990's/early 2000's. Invicta also had a game called Escape From Colditz Castle, but these had lower quality plastic components and are generally less collectable than the Parker and Gibsons Games editions.

Game Details

Game: Escape From Colditz
Company: Parker
Players: 2-6
Year: 1973

Game Play

The board is based on a true plan of Colditz Castle, but adapted to provide all the necessary rooms on one level along with the outside courtyard. Moves are determined by throwing 2 dice. The object of the game is to be the first Prisoner of War Escape Team to break out of the castle.

Game Contents

A fully complete game will have the following contents.

1 game board
1 Red Cross parcel box
40 coloured prisoner of war pawns
16 black wooden guard pawns
5 civilian escape kit cards
27 escape equipment cards
45 opportunity cards
14 security cards
5 do or die cards
1 rulebook
1 appel card
1 booklet written by Major Pat Reid, detailing the history of Colditz
2 dice

For Sale

I have 2 Escape From Colditz board games for sale. Both are 100% complete and original, with contents in very good condition, only the condition of the outer boxes vary. On both games, the box lid and base have moderate amounts of wear and tear, with some split corners secured by tape. One of the lids has a corner which is a bit more torn, with some loss, but the artwork is brighter and slightly less faded than the other, so it's hard to decide which is the best example. Buyers will be welcome to pick which game they prefer. The price below is for one game only.

Price: £95 (free postage & packing)

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